What we really do?

We bring anime stuff from around the world for our beloved anime fans!! We have action figures, figmas, everyday accessories, and what not!! You name your anime, we’ll leave no stone unturned on this planet to get it for you! Kobayashi is the name of quality in lowest prices possible.. We deliver your favorite anime character at your door step.. What are you waiting for?

Our Vision

To create a community that will trust Kobayashi for their anime products!

History of Beginning

We are a bunch of anime fans, came together to bring unique collection of anime stuff for its fans! We started when one of us wanted a Totoro bag-pack, and all we could find was a bunch of websites with limited choices! We came together to help other anime fans get as many choices as possible!

What can we do for you ?

We have a designated team just for our customers! Contact us whenever you feel like it, we’ll make sure to respond back right away!

We don’t compromise of quality! We look for the best quality products available! making it easy for you to purchase..

We bring new items nearly everyday!! If you can’t find your favorite anime, contact us now!

We tend to deliver our products as soon as possible.. Our products comes from different countries, hence takes about 15 days more than normal in-country delivery.. We take delivery seriously, making sure your item is not held in custom on borders! We also ensure, you receive your product at your door step!

We value our customers. Their mere comments means  alot to us! Can’t find what you are looking for? want to drop your feedback? Have a suggestion of how can we help you? We are 24/7 available for you!

Cooperate with Us!

We want YOU to cooperate with us! Tell people about Kobayashi anime and receive exciting DISCOUNTS for free!!
They’ll buy while you’ll enjoy your discounts 😉

Register a complaint!

You found a fault? or maybe one of our customer service team didn’t cooperate?

For Any possible complaint you may have regarding Kobayashi, contact us now!
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